1. General: The terms and conditions set out below shall be the basis of all Contracts of Hire from Doreen Fulton Treading as MonoEvents Entertainment which shall be concluded by a Rental Agreement form by any person, persons or body corporate and the handing over of goods by MonoEvents on the basis of such Rental Agreement.

2. Definition: In these terms and conditions "MonoEvents" means Doreen Fulton Treading as MonoEvents Entertainment whose principal place of business is 31 Redford Road Cullybackey Co Antrim BT43 5PR. The hirer shall mean any person, persons or body corporate entering into a rental agreement with MonoEvents for the hire of goods and equipment. “Goods and equipment” referred to in “The terms and conditions” refer to those set out below and shall be the sole conditions of any contract with MonoEvents subject to any addition or amendment which shall be in writing and ratified by MonoEvents.

3. The Period of Hire: (a) The period of hire shall commence with the hirer taking possession of the equipment (whether or not such receipt shall have been from MonoEvents) and shall terminate when equipment is finished with. It is the responsibility of the hirer to obtain such receipt for the return of equipment which will represent sole evidence of the return of equipment to MonoEvents. (b) Where equipment is delivered or collected by hirer, hirer’s servant or agents such delivery or collection is at the hirer’s risk and expense and the hirer shall be liable for physical loss and damage and delay to the equipment from the time the equipment leaves MonoEvents premises until it is returned to MonoEvents premises whether or not the equipment is being delivered or collected by MonoEvents or is in the custody of MonoEvents, it’s directors, servants or agents.

4. Equipment: (a) The hirer will satisfy himself on taking possession of all equipment that it is in good working order and in undamaged condition. The hirer’s signature on the rental agreement will be taken as conclusive evidence that such agreement has been satisfied. Any matters relating to the substandard condition or working of the equipment must be referred to MonoEvents and (if the rental is to proceed) a note endorsed on the Rental Agreement to be countersigned by MonoEvents. (b) All equipment on hire remains the absolute property of MonoEvents. (c) The hirer shall have no authority to transfer or otherwise part with possession of the equipment during the period of hire unless the express written consent of MonoEvents is first obtained. (d) In the event that the hirer intends to take equipment out of Northern Ireland or use the same for any abnormal or hazardous assignment then consent must first be obtained from MonoEvents who may at their sole discretion vary the terms of the rental.

5. Damage or Loss to Equipment Hired: (a) It shall be the absolute responsibility of the hirer to ensure the safe keeping of equipment and the hirer will indemnify MonoEvents in respect of any loss or damage howsoever caused whilst in the hirer’s possession. (b) All damage or loss will be notified to MonoEvents immediately (or as soon as practicable) following which the goods must be returned to MonoEvents for repair or replacement should repair be uneconomic. The hirer may carry out repairs to the damaged equipment with the express consent of MonoEvents and shall otherwise make no attempt to examine diagnose repair or remove the outer casing of the equipment hired. (c) The hirer shall be liable to pay the full cost of replacement of any equipment lost or damaged beyond repair with reference to new equipment of the same or nearest available specification. (d) In the event of loss or damage to equipment the period of hire will without further reference to the hirer extend until such time as full reimbursement for the cost of replacement of the lost or damaged equipment has been made whether or not such period extends beyond that of the original rental agreement.

6. Liability: (a) Our Liability as providers of leisure equipment is limited to any loss, damage or accident that may be caused by the direct negligence of MonoEvents or the equipment itself. (b) We strongly recommend when you hire equipment without staff that you fully supervise. (c) We strongly advise you have your own insurance cover. (d) Hirers will be responsible for full repair or replacement costs for the hired equipment.

7. Hire Price's: (a) You will not pay more than what is stated on the invoice or estimate. (b) All hire booked under this agreement must be paid in full within 7 days of invoice date unless cancelled in writing 48hrs before booked date.   

8. Payment: (a) Payment for hire goods ordered shall be made at the time of delivery unless the customer shall have been granted a credit account. Such facility shall have been agreed by MonoEvents in writing and the existence of a credit account will be indicated on the hire invoice together with the specific credit period. In the absence of any specific credit period the invoice shall be construed to express a maximum period of 7 Days. (b) MonoEvents reserve the right to add to any overdue balance at the due date an additional sum calculated by reference to 3% per month. (c) Where an order made by customers is accepted by MonoEvents and a deposit is paid over by the customer and such sum is agreed between the parties, MonoEvents reserve the right to retain the full amount of the deposit to set against any costs they incur in fulfilling the customer’s order. (d) All payments must be made out to Doreen Fulton.

9. Cancellation: (a) MonoEvents reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee not exceeding the full rental charge stated on the invoice or estimate.